Sunday, October 23, 2011


No wonder why  the coconut tree is called as the tree of life. Every part of this tree can be made into something  useful to human.  The husk and leaves can be made into a variety of products which can be used for decorations and furnishing. The oil and milk that can be extracted from its meat can be used as cooking oil and others use it in beauty products. The coconut water has many nutritional benefits. It is a natural antioxidant.
Coconut water or locally called Buko juice in the Philippines is becoming popular as people around the world are now more health conscious. Recently, there is a rise in demand of coconut water in the U.S.A. and in Europe.The Philippines is one of the exporter of coconut water

Why coconut water?
* Coconut water has a lower calorie that orange juice.
* antioxidant
* anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic effects due to cytokinins
* no cholesterol
* low in carbohydrate
* compared to other vegetables and fruit juices, it has more electrolytes, thus replaces fluid loss and slightly greater that than of Oral Rehydration Solution.  Coconut water is an isotonic solution that naturally rehydrates the body. It replaces loss minerals and fluids during rigorous exercises.
* natural source of vitamin B complex.
* better composition of minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium, zinc.
* has antibacterial and antiviral  properties which helps in fighting parasites, worms and viruses.
* a natural antibiotic.
* treat urethral and kidney stones
* raises metabolism
* it promotes weight loss
* controls diabetes
* natural body coolant
* helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
* helps lower blood pressure
* natural diuretics

These are the facts about coconut water and thus explains why it is gaining popularity and why many people prefer coconut water than sports drink. These fact shows that coconut water is no ordinary water. It is beneficial to everybody and has no side effects.

Did you know that the word COCO actually originates from the Spanish / Portuguese word which means "monkey face" because looking at the base of the coconut there are 3 round indented markings which resembles a monkey's face.

Monday, October 10, 2011


The existence of computer was one of the best thing that happened to mankind. Although computer has been used in business a couple of decades before, things have changed when Apple II was introduced on April 16, 1977 to the public. Apple II It was the world's first mass marketed PC.  Mike Markkula, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were the people behind Apple II.

Steve Jobs or Steven Paul Jobs  was Born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California, USA. He was adopted by Paul Jobs, a machinist in a Laser company who was married to Clara who was working as an accountant. Later the couple adopted a daughter and named her Patti, His biological parents were Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian Muslim who migrated to US and later work as a Professor of Political Science at University of Nevada.  Abdulfattah works at Boomtown Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada as Vice President. Steve Jobs graduated in Homestead High School in Cupertino, California and enrolled in Reed College at Portland, Oregon. He studied Philosophy and Foreign culture but after one semester, he dropped out.
Like any other who was  financially broke, Steve strived hard to face different problems in life. He had experienced sleeping on the floor  in a friends room and getting weekly free meals from a local temple, he also experience collecting softdrinks bottles in exchange for money.
Because of  his strong interest in technology, he worked as a technician at ATARI  Inc. who was by then the number one manufacturer of video games. He used his earnings to travel to India. When he came back, He return to work at ATARI Inc. and later met Steve Wozniak who works at Hewlett Packard. They founded Apple Computer in the mid 70's. After having problems with the board of directors of Apple, Steve Jobs decided to resign. He then  founded NeXTStep then later started PIXAR, the producer of blockbuster films such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. In the mid 90’s Apple decided to buy NeXTStep which brought back Jobs to the company he co-fpunded.
Apple Inc. continues to develop and introduced new and improved digital appliances and Steve Jobs was one of those who was behind its success. On August 24, 2011, he resigned as CEO of Apple but still assumed the position as Chairman of the Board of the company. On October 5, 2011, Steve passed away at the age of 56 due to his malignant tumor (neuroendocrine tumor, a rare form of pancreatic cancer) which was diagnosed in back 2003.  
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